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Swim Skills Small Group Lessons 

Beginner and Intermediate

Swim Skills lessons are intended for children aged 5-14.


Children will work 2:1 with an aide under the direction of a fun, outgoing program instructor in a small group format.


Maximum group size is 6 children with at least 3, possibly 4 instructors if needed.


The goal is to gain confidence and ability in the water while learning introductory safety swimming skills.



What Participants Will Learn 

  • Floating

  • Breathing and bubbles

  • Glides 

  • Entry in and out of water 

  • Introduction to swim strokes 

  • Peer interactions 

Swim Fit Small Group Lessons

Small group lessons intended for adolescents and adults


Adolescents/adults attend 1-2, 1 hour swim lessons per week with fun, outgoing program instructors.  This is an exercise based program designed by program leaders.  Participants will be swimming lengths in a positive motivating atmosphere.  


Program Instructors work 2:1 with participants on goals they have personally outlined. These goals can be planned independently, with family or with the instructor. 


Maximum group size is 6 swimmers with at least 3 but up to 4 instructors if needed.




Skills Participants Will Learn

  • Peer interactions 

  • Focus on stroke technique and aerobic swimming 

  • Gain confidence on abilities in the water

Private Swim Lessons

Intended for participants wanting or needing 1:1 assistance with an instructor in the water


Ages 3 years to adult 

Programming is specific to goals set by participant and instructor (with family input).

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