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Is Just Keep Swimming suitable for my child?


To make sure our program is right for your child, we are happy to schedule an assessment lesson.  This will allow us to see your child's abilities first-hand and answer any questions you may have in regards to safety or progression in the water. This will also help us select an instructor best suited to your child's needs and abilities both in and out of the water.




What should I expect?


You can always expect instructors to be kind, patient and outgoing with your child in the water. 


Small group lessons begin with a group format warm-up game or practiced skill that everyone has completed. The kids will then break into smaller groups with kids with similar abilities in the water. During this time, kids will work on focus based learning skills that are suited to each child's specific needs.  Instructors and kids will have the opportunity to demonstrate the skill at hand and practice multiple times before moving on to the next.  Your child may also work 1:1 with an instructor during group lessons if further repetition or breakdown of the skill is needed before moving on. We also try to end each lesson with a quick group activity or game.  


If your participant is registered for private lessons, they will always work 1:1 with an instructor in the water. Skills will be structured to best suit each individual's learning. Lessons will be structured in a positive and fun way while working on skills for the duration of the lesson.  


Parents are encouraged to share what they feel is most important for their child to learn in the water.  It's also helpful for us to know any communication skills or styles that their child responds positively to.  We want to hear your feedback and ensure your child is having fun and swimming in a positive environment! 





What should I bring?


A swimsuit and towels! If your child prefers to wear special goggles, please bring those to the pool as well. We have trial pairs of goggles for kids to use at lessons if needed. 





How long do sessions run for?


Sessions generally run for 8-11 weeks.





Where can I book lessons?

***Please check back soon for details on where and when we will be able to offer future programming.



Can I register my child after the session has started?


Yes!  We strive to accommodate new families any time during sessions for either an assessment lesson and/or full participation in the remaining lessons. We can do this as long as we have the proper instructor to participant ratio available. 





What am I getting for my money?


Low-ratio, participant-specific lessons that cater to the unique abilities of each child in the water. Participants will have caring  and patient, trained instructors who strive to build a connection with participants in order to achieve the most positive outcome. 




Will my child always have the same instructor?


We believe it's important for kids to build a relationship with their instructor and have someone who is able to help them build their skills week-to-week.  This means we try our best to ensure each child has the same instructor for each lesson. Unfortunately, illnesses and explained absences do happen sometimes.  When this happens, we ask instructors to share as much information as possible with their cover for the day and provide them with a detailed lesson plan. In the event we are not able to provide a suitable instructor for the day we will either refund the lesson or schedule a make up lesson with your child's instructor.




If the program or instructor is not a good fit for my child, can changes be made?


Changes can be made at any time during your child's lesson session.  If the instructor your child is swimming with isn't working out for any reason, or your child is not able to connect with the instructor/instructor not able to connect with your child we will make sure the appropriate changes are made to ensure the best possible outcome and learning evironment for your swimmer.

Do you offer make - up lessons and/or refunds for missed lessons?

When you register for a lesson session, you are agreeing and committing to attend all lessons within the session. We do understand, however that this is sometimes not possible, which is why we allot one make-up lesson per session, per participant. Just Keep Swimming lessons schedules are set in advance and agreed upon between families, the aquatic facility and our instructors. That means, our pool time is limited and our instructors have scheduled this time especially for you. We are also obligated to pay our instructors and pool fees, regardless of whether the participant attends. We kindly ask that you consider this if you are thinking of requesting a make-up lesson for a non-emergency reason.

In the event that a participant is unable to attend their scheduled lesson due to an emergency, medical complications, severe and/or contagious illness or changes in medication, we will try our best to schedule a make- up lesson.

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